kutyifoto_eszterleanybucsu (9) decoration: Punctually Punch, Kutyi

photo: Kutyi

place: 9. Margit Street, Buda, Hungary


princess crowns: Kutyi

flowers and photos: Punctually Punch


poppy bouquet and photo: Punctually Punch


leanybucsu_fejlec2 photos: Janka

kutyifoto_eszterleanybucsu (3)kutyifoto_eszterleanybucsu (8)kutyifoto_eszterleanybucsu (1)

kutyifoto_eszterleanybucsu (4)photos: Kutyi

eszterleanybucsu_polaroid_2015_07_18_009 eszterleanybucsu_polaroid_2015_07_18_010 polaroid photos: Punctually Punch


UPDATE! hungarian article in Bohém Esküvő (Bohemian Wedding), click:

lovely friend + lovely blog = lovely post

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