for Weddings, Bachelorette Parties and another Events


Unique, personal accessories

  • ring pillow
  • headdress – for weddings and bachelorette parties
  • pouch instead of pocket
  • guest gifts, coasters
  • traditional and unusual guestbook



Invitation cards and webpages

Made Event invitation cards and Wedding webpages as requists.



Event decorations

Unique, hand made decorations for weddings, bachelorette parties, jubilees, birthdays, company parties or anything else, what you need



Take pictures with polaroid

  • Memory Album: weddings, jubilees, birthdays

How I made: Take a group photos on the event. Immediatly put to the album. Write personal good wishes next to photos. And ready.

Can’t wait for digital pictures. You have a super gift alredy on the event day.

  • Wedding guest gifts

Quick, personal gifts. Fill out some matching picture frames.

During Congratulations I take group photos every guest with the newly-weds.



Online Best Friends Service

You organize your own weddings but sometimes You Need unbiased advice, Write ME.

What things matches each others? Where should buy? How can do? Sure good?

Don’t want to disturb again your friends? You Need ME!

First of all write me an email message. We Agree. After that we can chating on facebook wherever you are…


If you interested in any of service, write me an email message: