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Personal Information 

Name              Hartyandi Flóra

DOB               13.02.1988

Nationality      Hungarian




2014– 2017      Art and Sociotherapy Group Leader


2008–2009      Hand-drawn Animator

MARA, Pannonia Film Studio Hungary

2002–2007      Textile and Weaving Art

Győrer Dance and Fine Arts High School

Artworks & Exhibitions & Results

2021                M & T – Masters & Disciples Jubilee exhibition (pending – COVID-19)

group exhibition

2020                Interview: ART Habens art Review, Special Edition

End of the World Project Interview, pages 34-63 (UK)

2020                End of the World Project exhibition (online – COVID.19)

30th MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Gathering (HUN)

2019                End of the World Project exhibition

8th Neustadt Art Festival (GER)

2017                Second price: Origami Game bag collection

International Art & Design Competition (ITA)

2016                M & T – Masters & Disciples Jubilee exhibition

group exhibition

2016                Firs price: ’Under the skin’ drawn

Meati Fashion – Design Competition (FRA)

2015                Fashion Crowd Challenge and online exhibition

The first pieces of the ’Origami game’ collection

2015                Showcase opportunities: ’Pets and Beast’ dress

Saskatchewan Wearable Art Gala (CAD)

2014–2015      The hmm… project

Bags from recycled and unusual materials

2012                Bags & wovens

Exhibition in Győr

2009                Animation figure made of plasticines

Dream Kangaroo (film by Agnes Szollosi)

2009                Geometric pattern face – ink drawings

Group exhibition

2008                Material sample plans out of old, collapsed walls

2007                Become a Jeno!

                        Textil action

2007                Bags & wovens

Exhibition in Győr

2006                Big felt picturate to Győr City – group work

2006                Animation figure made of textiles, plasticines and mixed technique

Apple Garden (film by Virag Zomboracz)

2003                ’Necc’ designer clothes

Fashion show in Győr


Other activies – Guest writing (hungarian language) 

2018                Kalandok a dínók földjén, Dél-Angliában

2018                Legendák Földjén

2018                Man-sziget: a kelták, a motorversenyek, és a farok nélküli macskák hazája